How to Spend New Year’s in Kilkenny

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How to Spend New Year’s in Kilkenny

How to Spend New Year’s in Kilkenny

Searching for some creative, fun ways to ring in the New Year in Kilkenny? Look no further. Whether you want to start the New Year fresh and grounded or are looking for a unique experience to celebrate the beginning of 2024, Kilkenny has the answer. We’ve compiled some ideas for events happening around the city that are sure to suit any type of celebration.

New Year’s Eve, Mountain View Market

If you didn’t have a chance to fully enjoy the Christmas markets over the festive period or just can’t let go of the holiday season quite so soon, the Mountain View Christmas Market will be holding a special New Year’s Eve Market to close out the festivities on December 31st. Take this opportunity to enjoy the last of the festive season, treat yourself to some freshly baked goods, and enjoy the live music taking place on the night. Stalls will be showcasing arts and crafts from local designers as you catch up with friends or family and welcome the New Year in good company. The market will be open all afternoon, making it the perfect place to get into the New Year’s mood and get the celebrations started.

The New Year Manifestation Circle

If you want to focus on self-improvement and bring some good energy into the New Year, why not try an alternative evening at the New Year Manifestation Circle taking place at the Aanahata Yoga Centre? The evening will feature meditation and crystal work to help you realign and kickstart 2024 with positive energy and intentional action. Whether you’re new to spiritual practices or already have an ongoing practice, this is a refreshing and wholesome way to welcome the new and say goodbye to the old. Amongst other exercises there will be journaling, Oracle cards, sound healing, soul enquiry as well as some surprise activities in store on the night.

Medieval Mile

Even the staunchest Christmas fan will be wary of cabin fever setting in during the festive season. There’s no better way to begin the New Year than getting out in the fresh air and enjoying a walk on your own or with your nearest and dearest. Follow Kilkenny’s Medieval mile and step into the new by retracing the footsteps of the past. This trail runs through the heart of Kilkenny, linking the 13th century St. Canice’s Cathedral with the impressive Kilkenny Castle and much more. Alongside the picturesque settings, you’ll be doing your mind, spirit, and body some good.

Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny

This New Year’s Day, step back in time and discover the history of one of Ireland’s oldest brewers. This interactive experience takes you through over 300 years of history as you meet colourful characters, get immersed in the brewing experience and uncover the fascinating story behind Smithwick’s. You’ll get to enjoy a pint of Ireland’s famous red ale right where it was brewed—an enviable way to celebrate the New Year. Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny is running tours on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve, and you can book tickets here.


Top Things to Do in Kilkenny Along the Medieval Mile

Top Things to Do in Kilkenny Along the Medieval Mile

Along Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile, beginning at Kilkenny Castle, descending through the city and ending at St Canice’s Cathedral & Round Tower, you’ll find a host of historical and cultural attractions and exciting things to do that will suit everyone’s tastes.

Group Activities in Kilkenny

Group Activities in Kilkenny

The vibrant town of Kilkenny, steeped in rich history, stunning landscapes, and a lively arts scene, is an ideal destination for groups seeking an array of activities. This comprehensive Kilkenny group travel guide is designed to provide you with the best group activities in Kilkenny, whether you're interested in team building, sightseeing tours, or a fun-filled weekend in Kilkenny.

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>Ideas for Couples Visiting Kilkenny

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