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Things to Do in Kilkenny

The history of Smithwick's is deeply woven into the fabric of Kilkenny, Ireland. Culturally rich with a sense of enchantment, there are so many places to visit and things to do in Kilkenny that provide a peek into both where the city has been and where it's going.

We are tucked just inside the old medieval walls that used to surround the city and are a stronghold of the Parliament Street section of the Medieval Mile. Kilkenny tours, festivals, and entertainment abound, no matter the time of year. Don't believe us? Have a look below.

Ireland's Ancient East, Kilkenny Walking Tours & the Medieval Mile

Now part of the Historic Heartlands in Ireland's Ancient East, Kilkenny and The Smithwick's Experience invites you to become part of a history that has taken 5,000 years to write. Board a bus or busy your own two feet on one of the many Kilkenny tours. They'll take you from the heart of the city to the captivating countryside, while tours along the Medieval Mile transport you from contemporary times to the rich history of some of Kilkenny's most historic and iconic establishments.

Seasonal Attractions