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Ireland's Most Popular Ale
Smithwick's Irish Ale Pint

The Ales

As you sip your ruby red pint of Smithwick's, we'd like you to ponder a few things...

perfected over generations

300 years of brewing history: We've learned a thing or two since the very first pint of Smithwick's was produced in 1710. And we're constantly innovating. The perfect pint doesn't happen by accident, it comes with experience.

Gold medals: It takes a special beer to win the La Monde gold medal seven times. But then Smithwick's has been winning awards since 1892 (first prize in Dublin's Rotunda Exhibition of Brewers and Distillers) and our trophy cabinet continues to grow.

A family of distinctively different ales: Smithwick's might be the big brother of them all, but Smithwick's Pale Ale, a golden malt beer with deep grassy flavours more than holds its own. Then there's the dark gold beauty of Smithwick's Long Summer, with its chestnut hues, and suggestions of biscuit, roasted nuts and brown sugar. And the enigmatic Smithwick's Winter Spirit – a woody flavoured labour of love by our award-winning Master Brewers.

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  • smihwicks

    Superior Irish Ale

    Clean and delicate with hints of caramel, biscuit and campfire smoke. Ruby red colour.

  • smithwicks pale ale

    Pale Ale

    Piney, grassy notes balanced with floral flutters and a long finish. Clear, deep golden colour.

  • smithwicks long summer

    Long Summer

    Citrus aroma, hints of caramel, tropical fruits and green tea. Dark gold colour.

  • smithwicks winter spirit

    Winter Spirit

    Smooth with warming flutters of brown sugar, biscuit. Deep chestnut brown colour.

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